You Call That A Stick Figure Comic? webcomic by Derek Paterson
3D stick men comic with bonus cringeworthy attempts at humor.
Buns of Steel pages can be found in their own comic now, see here.
Nottynghame pages can also be found in their own comic now, see here.
Dungeons of Doooom: Wood Rage

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25th Feb 2018, 9:28 AM

Many horrors await the unwary adventurer in the DUNGEONS OF DOOOOM.

Featuring Erik the Slaughterer, Grunter Shagpuss, Morgana the Sorceress, Cedric the Swordsman, Queen Gwyneth and her Splinter Samurai.

I found most of these panels lying around in a folder and shuffled them into a page. Had to look up the outline to remember where I was going with it. Still not sure! But can't leave it hanging forever....

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3D models created using SketchUp
Dialogue, balloons, effects via Paint.NET
Fonts by
A Blockhead production!
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